exhaust pulse tester
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This sensor measures pressure changes and displays them on a labscope. This is not a pressure transduce which measures static pressure. This sensor measures the pulses of the exhuast with the engine running and with a sync signal can help determine engine mechanical issues such as burnt or sticking valves and possibly timing issues without major disassembly of the engine. This sensor can also be used to monitor injector issues when hooked up to the vaccuum side of the pressure regulator. 

This kit contains everything necessary to measure exhaust pulses. The hose supplied is a high temperature hose designed to withstand the high exhaust temperature. When hooking up this sensor for testing it is strongly recommended that the sensor NOT be exposed to condensation or water vapor coming out of the tailpipe. Our recommendation is to elevate the sensor above the tailpipe and make sure to disconnect the high temperature hose before draining it. This sensor should not be used in any liquid as damage will result.

This sensor can also be used in the intake manifold to measure intake pressure pulses. Combine this with another sensor in the exhaust and a sync signal and you can get a much clearer picture of the mechanical integrity of the engine. 

This sensor comes with an information guide and some sample waveforms. There are no special settings for this tester and can be used with virtually all labscopes that have a BNC plug in or if necessary you can purchase a BNC to bananna plug adatper if that is what your labscope uses.  

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exhaust pulse tester

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