CarScope Viso automotive oscilloscope
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This is a handheld 2 channel automotive labscope

The kit inclludes the following: Viso unit, lithium battery, charger, 1-channel one test lead, 1-channel two test lead, 2-10:1 attenuators, USB cable.

This unit has 2 separate analog to digital converters to give you real-time sampling on each channel of 20 million samples per second.

Built in presets for sensors, injectors, ignition, electrical, diesel, starting and charging and CAN Bus setups. This allows for quick set up of trigger, time and voltage so that you can get to your diagnosis faster. 

This unit has the ability to store captured waveforms to view on the scope or download and send to anyone as a .bmp file. This gives you the ability to save "known good" waveforms for comparison later. 

Complete help system with hook up procedures and when available "known good" waveforms and a description of how the sensor operates. 

Free firmware updates through the USB port connected to a PC. 

This unit has the capabilites of "adding" on accessories such as high and low amp clamps, COP ignition leads, capacitive ignition leads, pressure pulse tester and 20:1 attenuators for larger voltage readings

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CarScope Viso automotive oscilloscope

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