Bluetooth Global OBD2 diagnostic connector
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This is a global OBD2 diagnostic connector that is compatible with the Android software system and Windows software. This is ONLY the diagnostic connector. It does NOT come with software. We are testing several different programs for both Android and Windows and we will post our findings when we have completed our testing. 

While there are several of these types of connectors on the market we have chosen this one for its robust connection and ease of pairing with both Windows and Android operating systems. This particular unit does not time out quickly as do some of the others that we have tested. This unit is in testing for the Apple operating system as well but as of yet is not approved. Check back often as we will update the information when we have fully tested the software compatibility. 


UPDATE: 06/14/2016!!!!!!!!!

After extensive testing we now recommend using the "Touchscan" software for windows or the "OBD Fusion for android as the best software to use with this adapter. You can find both of these on this website. . Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

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Bluetooth Global OBD2 diagnostic connector

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