Pressure Pro PC
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This is a cost-effective pressure transducer by Hickok Waekon for the technician or shop that does not have a labscope. It's stand-alone, high performance and PC based. You can now view dynamic pressure and vacuum in real time without a labscope or all of the set ups that go with a labscope.

Pressure range is 0 to 350 psi, which is great for measuring compression, turbo, fuel, and air conditioning pressures. Presets make setting this tool up extremely user friendly. The vacuum range is -30Hg to 0. All this, directly on your laptop or PC. The software allows up to 30 minute record times with user settable markers. It also features a zoom and pan function with a sample rate of 1000 samples per second. All screens can be saved, played back and printed. Easy set up and installation. Because this is a PC based program, updates are always being done. Most are available for free as a download. 

Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Complete system requirements can be found here.  More information on this tool can be found on the Hickok website.


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Pressure Pro PC

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