Diesel Common Rail Injector Electrical Tester
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Common Rail R-L meter device is used to measure the electrical parameters – resistance and inductance of valves, injectors and solenoids. This tool is suitable for all Common Rail systems including Bosch,Delphi, Denso and Siemens. It is used for more advanced diagnostic on individual electromechanical components by measuring their electrical parameters. To measure the desired parameter of a Common Rail actuator there is no need to remove the component from the electrical circuit. Only one of the two wires to the solenoid actuator must be disconnected before measurement.

Diagnosis of Common Rail solenoid actuators is extremely difficult without the use of this specialized R-L tester, because it is impossible to use an ordinary multimeter for this purpose.



  • Hand held Common Rail component tester
  • Identifies internal electrical faults within Common Rail solenoid actuators
  • On-vehicle testing - prevents need for complete component removal and refit
  • Compatible with cars and heavy duty vehicles
  • High accuracy measurements
  • Simple operation – only two buttons for all functions
  • Automatic detection of Resistance and Inductance ranges
  • Backlit LCD for easy reading under dark light
  • Full function protection
  • Manual zero display adjust
  • Over range indication


Systems Covered



CP1 & CP3




HP1/HP2 & HP3


DCP type 1 & 2


  • Manufacturer warranty: One year
  • Item #: CRLR300

Diesel Common Rail Injector Electrical Tester

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